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Nectar from apricots, oranges and apples

Do try the ultimate trio: the nectar intertwining the velvety soft apricots, the vivaciously acidulous oranges, and the succulent apples. This is so in real life: we are so dissimilar, but so harmonious in togetherness.

  • Packaging: glass
  • Net quantity: 0,2 L
  • Flavour: apricot, orange, apple
  • Nectar: fruit

Apricot spread

A fruit spread that may make you want to eat only donuts ever after. Or pancakes. Or dumplings. Or croissants. Or roulades. Yes, it harmonises with each and every confectionery and pastry. Spreading it over a slice of bread, is a delicious breakfast in an instant.

  • Packaging: plastic
  • Net quantity: 700 g or 5 kg
  • Flavour: apricot
  • Type of spread: fruit

Apricot bake-stable filling

Presad apricot baking filling is the one really thermostable filling on the Slovenian shop shelves.

  • Packaging: plastic
  • Net quantity: 700 g
  • Flavour: apricot
  • Type: fruit