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Aronia juice

Aronia appears to be just another shrub. However, these small berries are extremely potent. Aronia is a friend to the body, invigorating it and bracing you for every new day. This juice is for those of you who wish to actively enjoy your lives. And if you find its taste somewhat bitter, you may be advised that it mixes excellently with juices and nectars of somewhat milder flavours.

  • Packaging: glass
  • Net quantity: 0,2 L or 1 L
  • Flavour: aronia
  • Juice: fruit

Nectar from strawberries, apples and aronia

These unique mixes of traditional flavours of strawberries and apples, and the more exotic aronia, cannot really be described, and we would propose, simply to taste them! Well, we could add anyway that this is a great compound of berries and apple fruits, which are far from fighting for prevalence in sweetness, sourness or strong flavour, but rather acting in union, as in a delicate but passionate love affair. This may sounds poetic, but it is true.

  • Packaging: glass
  • Net quantity: 0,2 L in 1 L
  • Flavour: apple, aronia, strawberry
  • Nectar: fruit