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Presad has, for a number of years, been cooperating with important players in food industry, in particular in the dairy and baking industry, and in the soft drink industry. Our standard industrial products are so unique in flavour and texture, and, with you, they can be developed to exactly meet your wishes.

We are a committed partner, who will stay with you through the entire process of development of your product. We offer you our support. We are an extremely professionally qualified team. And an experienced team. We are also effective and efficient, but never to the detriment of quality.

Here is our supply of products for manufacture. You may want to simply call us on number +386 7 348 12 00 or fill in our contact form. We will be happy to oblige you.

Filling lines:
  • filling line for juices, nectars, beverages in glassware (1 L, 0.7 L, 0.2 L),
  • filling line for fruit spreads, and fillings in smaller plastic packaging (700 g),
  • filling line for products for the industry of beverages, ice creams, and fermented milk products; stainless steel containers (200 L, 500 L,1000 L), bag and box (250 L, 1000 L), plastic packaging (5-60 L),
  • filling line for spreads, and fillings in larger plastic packaging (5 kg, 14 kg, 20 kg).

Production takes place at a single site and is technologically equipped so as to facilitate the manufacture of products of high quality and safety required by our clients. Our specific equipment facilitates the manufacture of different products and filling into different types and sizes of packaging. Products are packed in packaging according to type (plastics, bag and box, stainless steel containers) and size (from 5 kg to 1000 kg).

Spatial arrangement of the manufacturing plant combines the different contextual scopes of manufacture with the different temperature storage regimes (- 20 °C, 0–5 °C, room temperature), and relevant technology. Thus, we provide for the safe management of products throughout the production and storage process.