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Nectar from strawberries, apples and aronia

These unique mixes of traditional flavours of strawberries and apples, and the more exotic aronia, cannot really be described, and we would propose, simply to taste them! Well, we could add anyway that this is a great compound of berries and apple fruits, which are far from fighting for prevalence in sweetness, sourness or strong flavour, but rather acting in union, as in a delicate but passionate love affair. This may sounds poetic, but it is true.

  • Packaging: glass
  • Net quantity: 1 L
  • Flavour: apple, aronia, strawberry
  • Nectar: fruit

Strawberry syrup

Fruit syrup of strawberries you should only mix with water, and here you have another drink of all generations: children will rejoice again and again, and you may find it most pleasurable to add our strawberry syrup to drinks for those ‘safely past their teens’.


Let us reflect swiftly: you may prepare strawberry syrup as a separate drink or you may add it to cake toppings, later you should treat yourself to the elegant daiquiri cocktail and, provided that your company has not drunk it up in the meantime, you may set it aside for the glamorous strawberry tiramisu.

  • Packaging: plastic
  • Net quantity: 1 L
  • Flavour: strawberry
  • Type of syrup: fruit

Strawberry spread

The well-known taste of the strawberry spread is a winning selection for every sweet occasion. And, it would be good if every occasion were a sweet one, wouldn’t it? More often than not, our strawberry spread tends to disappear rather quickly, and for this very reason, it is available in five-kilogram containers.

  • Packaging: plastic
  • Net quantity: 5 kg
  • Flavour: strawberry
  • Type of spread: fruit