Do search for our BIO juices on the sales shelves, as they are pressed from organically grown fruit of Nature. We cooperate with the select suppliers of fruit and vegetables, which cannot be overlooked merely by the distinctive colours, let alone by their genuine taste. Refreshment, quality and safety, all in a single gulp. We are confident that you will crave for more, after you have had the first one.

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BIO beetroot juice

BIO beetroot juice is prepared from freshly pressed organically grown fruit, and, by the procedure of natural lactic acidification, making it more easily digestible and more enjoyable in taste. Showing this juice is really the best, is demonstrated by the 2018 Innovative Food Award in the juices group.

  • Packaging: glass
  • Net quantity: 0,7 L
  • Flavour: BIO beetroot
  • Juice: vegetable