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Apple juice

The old saying, ‘An apple a day sends the doctor away’, was taken most seriously in Presad. All the content of every juicy and carefully grown apple is made good use of, bringing with it the genuine sweet-and-sour taste of freshness and homeliness, enlivening you in every part of the day. Though we add no sugar, you may be sure that it will sweeten up your each and every day.

  • Packaging: glass
  • Net quantity: 0.2 L in 1 L
  • Flavour: apple
  • Juice: fruit

Fruit-vegetable juice from apples, oranges and carrots

This is the juice that makes your day full of enjoyment. Each of the fruits – apples, oranges and carrots – contributes its most positive characteristics, which your body will be most thankful for. The 100 % fruit, which you would otherwise only consume with difficulty in such quantity, is combined in our juice into an harmonious, agreeably sweet and most tasty wholeness.

  • Packaging: glass
  • Net quantity: 1 L
  • Flavour: apple, orange, carrot
  • Juice: fruit-vegetable

Aronia juice

Aronia appears to be just another shrub. However, these small berries are extremely potent. Aronia is a friend to the body, invigorating it and bracing you for every new day. This juice is for those of you who wish to actively enjoy your lives. And if you find its taste somewhat bitter, you may be advised that it mixes excellently with juices and nectars of somewhat milder flavours.

  • Packaging: glass
  • Net quantity: 0,2 L or 1 L
  • Flavour: aronia
  • Juice: fruit

Orange juice

Orange juice is a staple in breakfasts with active people and those wishing to make the best of the day. It is synonymous for freshness and succulence, which drives us into a new day, playfully intertwining the sweet and acidulous tastes in the mouth. Our orange juice contains 100 % fruit.

  • Packaging: glass
  • Net quantity: 0,2 L in 1 L
  • Flavour: orange
  • Juice: fruit