Apple juice

The old saying, ‘An apple a day sends the doctor away’, was taken most seriously in Presad. All the content of every juicy and carefully grown apple is made good use of, bringing with it the genuine sweet-and-sour taste of freshness and homeliness, enlivening you in every part of the day. Though we add no sugar, you may be sure that it will sweeten up your each and every day.

  • Packaging: glass
  • Net quantity: 0.2 L in 1 L
  • Flavour: apple
  • Juice: fruit

Ingredients and nutrition information

100 % apple juice from concentradet apple juice.

Nutrition declaration per 100 ml:

Energy 194 kJ / 46 kcal
Fat 0g
   of which saturates 0 g
Carbohydrate 11 g
   of which sugars 11 g
Protein < 0,5 g
Salt 0 g

Use and storage

Best before: see top of the cap.
Refrigerate after opening and consume within 3-4 days.

Do you know?

If we endeavoured to abide by this noted saying about one apple a day, trying a different apple variety each day, it would take more than 20 years to try them all. Do let us know in case you succeed, and we will present you with, well, another apple.